[Rogan]: [What about the] possibility that we have obtained this extraterrestrial craft and are in the process of trying to back engineer it?

[Mellon]: That’s a really ticklish question for me and awkward. And if I were to say ‘Yep, it’s true’ nobody would believe me. If I really knew, I couldn’t say yes. And it’s hard to give good answers to that question. I think it’s plausible. I don’t think people should rule that out. There’s enough information to say that may have happened. We may have recovered some debris… It would be so deeply squirreled away you wouldn’t be able to bring in the best scientists, you wouldn’t be able to bring in world class scientists, you would have a few people available in some aerospace company and they would be hamstrung in their ability to test and examine the material and so forth. It would just be locked away somewhere.

— Christopher Mellon
Dep. Asst. Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
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