The most compelling case is the [USS] Nimitz case. Because you have so many witnesses and so many sensors and the FLIR is part of that, but you have to look at the whole case. You have to talk to all the pilots involved [Commander Fravor and Lt. Dietrich and their backseat Weapons Systems Officers], which I have done. You have to talk to the radar operators on the [USS] Princeton [Kevin Day and Gary Voorhis]. There’s also radar operators up on the E2C Hawkeye which was up there monitoring this… Then you have this third F/A-18 [pilot Lt. Underwood] that goes up and takes that [FLIR] video. So there is a lot of different information from a lot of different sources and the thing is, it is all perfectly congruent. It all hangs together. No one is contradicting someone else’s story. And what people are seeing is what the sensors are reporting. So that case overall is the most compelling to my mind.

— Christopher Mellon
Dep. Asst. Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
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